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Men’s Enhancement Capsules

Appearance: customized, upon request
Specifications: customized, upon request
Active ingredients: customized, upon request
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/barrel; customized
Certificate: ISO22000
Shipping: Express; Sea; Air
Payment method: TT; LC; Western Union; Paypal; Alipay
Sample: 5-20g free sample test
Shelf life: 24 months in a cool and dry place


What are Men's Enhancement Capsules?


Men's Enhancement Capsules is precisely formulated with a unique mix of natural constituents, using advanced manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional results. Each capsule is consummately drafted to ensure harmonious tablets, making it accessible and easy to incorporate into your diurnal routine. The important yet gentle formula within these capsules is the result of slice-edge exploration and development. 

By combining traditional herbal excerpts with ultramodern scientific advancements, the capsules offer a comprehensive approach to men's health. Our product process adheres to strict quality norms and Good Manufacturing Practices( GMP). Through state-of-the-art technologies, the constituents are precisely named and blended to maintain their energy and bioavailability, icing maximum immersion and efficacity. Men's Enhancement Capsules boast a wide array of natural parcels that contribute to their effectiveness. From enhancing stamina and energy situations to supporting overall manly health, these capsules promote a sense of vitality and renewed confidence.


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Product Name

Men's Enhancement Capsules


Sleek and professional capsule form

Dosage Form



Securely sealed and labeled packaging


Carefully formulated blend of natural extracts and essential nutrients, according to your requirements

Manufacturing Process

Advanced production methods adhering to Good


Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Potent and consistent dosage for efficacy


Ensures maximum absorption and utilization of nutrients

Health Benefits

Supports stamina, energy, and overall male health

Blood Flow Support

Enhances healthy blood circulation

Antioxidant Properties

Helps combat free radicals and supports immune health

Hormonal Balance

Contributes to hormonal optimization

Prostate Support

Promotes a healthy prostate

Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing for purity, potency, and safety


Recommended for adult men


Store in a cool, dry place

Allergen Information

Free from common allergens

GMO Information



You can directly leave a message on this website for personalized and customized services. Or get professional technical support and OEM services directly through selina@ciybio.com.cn


How to custom Men's Enhancement Capsules?


1. Demand communication:

Customers contact us and express their customization needs to us. We will conduct in-depth demand communication to understand the customer's target market, product specifications, target groups, and other specific requirements.

2. Technical consultation and program design:

Our professional team will provide technical consultation and design customized solutions according to the needs and goals of customers. The program will take into account the active ingredients required by the customer, formulation optimization, product characteristics, etc.

3. Raw material selection and procurement:

Based on the customized plan, we will select the most suitable natural plant extracts and nutrients as raw materials. We cooperate with reliable suppliers to ensure raw material quality and supply stability.

4. Trial samples:

We will make a small number of samples for customer evaluation according to the customized plan. Customers can taste and test samples to ensure the product meets their needs and expectations.

5. Customized production:

Once the customer confirms the sample and signs the formal contract, we will start the customized production. According to the customer's order requirements, start mass production.

6. Quality control:

During the production process, we strictly control the quality and conduct component analysis and quality inspection to ensure that the products meet the relevant standards and regulations.

7. Packaging and labeling:

We will design packaging that attracts consumers' attention, and carry out personalized product identification according to customer requirements to enhance product brand value.

8. Product delivery:

Once the production of the product is completed, we will deliver the customized product to the customer according to the agreed delivery time.

9. After-sales service and feedback collection:

We provide after-sales service, answer customer questions, and deal with complaints and feedback in a timely manner. We attach great importance to customers' opinions to continuously improve product and service quality.


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Why choose Men's Enhancement Capsules?


1. Natural formula:

Capsules use natural plant extracts and nutrients without artificial additives and chemicals to ensure the pure natural characteristics of the product.

2. Comprehensive support:

This product provides comprehensive support for a full range of health benefits for men, from improving strength and increasing vitality to promoting overall men's health.

3. Enhance physical strength:

It contains specific ingredients that help boost strength and stamina, making men more active in their daily activities and sports.

4. Support blood circulation:

Its special formula helps promote healthy blood circulation for better physical performance and sexual performance in men.

5. Overall health:

These capsules help maintain hormone balance, support normal physiological function, and promote overall health and well-being in men.

6. Convenient consumption:

Men's Enhancement Capsules are sold in the form of capsules, which are easy to carry and take, and are suitable for men with a fast-paced life.

7. Safe and reliable:

The products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

8. Long-term benefits:

Regular use contributes to long-term healthy physical and psychological benefits for long-lasting vitality in men.

9. Personalized customization:

According to the needs of customers, we can customize products with different formulas and specifications to meet the health needs of different male groups.

10. Professional quality:

Men's Enhancement Capsules are de





Q: What kind of company are you?

A: We are a professional manufacturer and supplier dedicated to providing high-quality health products to other businesses.


Q: What kind of production process are your Men's Enhancement Capsules made of?

Answer: It is manufactured through advanced production technology and strict quality control to ensure the pure natural characteristics and effectiveness of the product.


Q: Is there a minimal order volume for your products?

A Yes, we will set a minimal order volume according to different products and customization conditions. Please communicate with our deals platoon for further information.

Q: What type of packaging do you offer?

A: We give numerous types of packaging options and can give bottled, bagged, or other tailored packaging according to client requirements.

Q:  Do you give product samples?

A: Yes, we can give samples for client evaluation and testing. Please communicate with our deals platoon for further details.

Q Do you have after-deals service?

Answer Yes, we give after-deals service, answer client questions, handle complaints and feedback in a timely manner, and continuously ameliorate product and service quality.


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