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Weight Control Capsules

Appearance: customized, upon request
Specifications: customized, upon request
Active ingredients: customized, upon request
Packing: 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/barrel; customized
Certificate: ISO22000
Shipping: Express; Sea; Air
Payment method: TT; LC;
Western Union; Paypal; Alipay
Sample: 5-20g free sample test
Shelf life: 24 months in a cool and dry place


What are Weight Control Capsules?


Weight Control Capsules is a revolutionary product designed to help individuals achieve their weight management pretensions effectively and safely. The exterior is drafted to perfection, featuring a satiny, ultramodern design that reflects the product's slice-edge nature. The capsules come in a compact, easy- to- carry vessel, allowing druggies to incorporate them seamlessly into their diurnal routines. 

The distinctive characteristics of these capsules lie in their composition. The manufacturers have meticulously selected high-quality, natural ingredients known for their beneficial effects on weight management. These ingredients work synergistically to boost metabolism, curb appetite, and support the body's natural fat-burning processes, all while maintaining overall well-being. 

The production process adheres to the highest industry standards. State-of-the-art facilities are utilized, employing rigorous quality control measures at every step. This ensures that each capsule is free from contaminants and consistently meets the specified potency levels, guaranteeing maximum efficacy and safety for consumers. They are formulated to be easily digestible and rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing for quicker action. Moreover, the innovative formula minimizes the likelihood of unwanted side effects, making the product suitable for a wide range of users.


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Product Name

Weight Control Capsules

Product Type

Dietary Supplement


Compact container


Sleek, modern design


Natural and premium quality


Boosts metabolism, curbs appetite, fat burning


As recommended by a healthcare professional

Manufacturing Process

Advanced technology, rigorous quality control


Minimal risk of side effects


Easily digestible, rapid absorption


Suitable for a wide range of users


You can directly leave a message on this website for personalized and customized services. Or get professional technical support and OEM services directly through selina@ciybio.com.cn


How to customize Weight Control Capsules?


1. Demand communication and analysis:

We will conduct in-depth communication with you to understand their specific goals, market positioning, and challenges they face. By carefully analyzing our customers' needs, we ensure that your expectations and requirements are accurately grasped.

2. R&D and innovation:

Based on the needs and goals provided by customers, our professional team conducts research and development. With our rich knowledge and experience, we can recommend suitable formula ingredients according to customer requirements, and can also design more scientific and reasonable formulas based on the formula ingredients provided by customers.

3. Raw material selection and procurement:

We strictly follow high-quality standards and choose high-quality, pure, and safe raw material suppliers. We are well aware of the impact of the quality of raw materials on the final product, so we ensure that the selected raw materials fully meet the requirements of customers.

4. Trial production and optimization:

Before mass production, we will conduct small batch trial production and testing. This helps us evaluate the stability, safety, and efficacy of new formulations. Through continuous optimization and improvement, we ensure that the quality and performance of our products reach the best level.

5. Production and quality control:

Once approved by customers, we will start mass production. We have modern production facilities and a strict quality control process to ensure the consistency and stable quality of each batch of products.

6. Customer review and confirmation:

We show samples of new formulations to our customers for their review and validation. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, and we will make further adjustments and improvements based on customer feedback and requirements until we reach the perfect customized product.

7. Packaging and delivery:

Customized Weight Control Capsules will be packaged and labeled according to customer requirements, and delivered to customers on time. We carefully control the packaging and transportation process of the product to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in good condition.

8. Continuous support and after-sales service:

We provide continuous support and after-sales service, answering customers' questions and solving problems at any time. We pay attention to customers' product experience and market feedback and constantly optimize products to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.


Weight Control


Why choose Ciyuan to customize Weight Control Capsules?


1. Customized formula:

We provide customized formulas. According to the unique needs and goals of customers, we can recommend suitable ingredient combinations, or design more scientific formulas according to customer requirements to ensure the best results.

2. Natural ingredients:

We choose high-quality natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their good tolerance and bioavailability. This helps to ensure the safety of the product and gives users more peace of mind during the weight loss process.

3. Overall weight loss:

Weight Control Capsules are formulated to take into account different aspects of the weight loss process to help boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and support the body's natural fat-burning process. It provides users with comprehensive weight loss support to help them achieve their ideal weight goals.

4. Fast absorption:

Our carefully designed formula and production process allow the product to be quickly absorbed by the body, thereby accelerating the appearance of results. Users can feel the changes in their bodies faster, increasing motivation and confidence in weight loss programs.

5. Easy to eat:

The unique design of these capsules makes them easy to carry and consume. Users can take it anytime and anywhere without a complicated preparation process, and it is easy to integrate it into daily life without affecting normal work and life.

6. Strict quality control:

We follow strict quality control standards and carefully control every link from raw material procurement to production to ensure that every capsule meets high-quality standards.

7. Personalized support:

We not only provide high-quality products but also strive to provide customers with personalized support and after-sales service. Our professional team is always ready to answer customer questions and continuously optimize product formulations based on feedback to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

8. Scientifically credible:

Our research and development team relies heavily on scientific research and clinical practice to ensure that formulations and effects are based on reliable scientific evidence. Users can choose our products with confidence, without worrying about adverse side effects or ineffectiveness.






1. Can you customize the formulation to target specific weight management goals?

Absolutely! As a research and manufacturing company, we offer complete customization of the Weight Control Capsules formulation to target specific weight management goals. Whether your customers are looking to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, or enhance fat burning, we can tailor the formulation to meet their unique needs.


2. What ingredients can be included in the custom formulation?

We have a wide range of high-quality, natural ingredients at our disposal. Depending on your customer's preferences and requirements, we can incorporate various herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds known for their weight management benefits.


3. Can you design a personalized label to match our brand identity?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of brand identity. Our design team can create a personalized label for your Weight Control Capsules, incorporating your brand logo, colors, and any other specific elements to align with your brand identity.


4. Is it possible to produce capsules in different sizes or dosage strengths?

Yes, we can produce Weight Control Capsules in different sizes and dosage strengths to cater to your customer's preferences. Whether you need smaller capsules for ease of swallowing or specific dosage strengths, we can accommodate those requirements.


5. How can I be sure about the safety and efficacy of the custom formulation?

As a responsible research and manufacturing company, product safety and efficacy are our top priorities. We conduct thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure that all custom formulations meet high standards of safety and effectiveness. Additionally, we can provide documentation, such as certificates of analysis and third-party testing reports, to validate the product's quality.


6. What is the timeline for developing a custom formulation?

The timeline for developing a custom formulation depends on various factors, including the complexity of the formula and the availability of specific ingredients. Typically, the process may take a few weeks to several months. Our team will work closely with you to provide a realistic timeline and keep you updated throughout the development process.


7. Can I request samples of the custom formulation before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we encourage customers to request samples of the custom formulation for evaluation and testing purposes. This allows you to assess the product's taste, appearance, and overall efficacy before proceeding with a bulk order.


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